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Mobile, Freestanding Whiteboard, Frosted

Mobile Frosted


Adding to the function of our clear Wall Scrawl is the new mobile free standing (frosted) whiteboard, made from 10mm (1200mm x 1200mm) and 10mm acrylic (1200mm x 1800mm and 1200mm x 2400mm) with polished edges and fixed to a minimalist yet strong, durable frame with aesthetic frog mounts for a sturdy, functional and aesthetic addition to your boardroom or office space. It is fully portable and glides effortlessly to be repositioned as required. Available in larger sizes only.



Frameless Acrylic Clear + a frosted layer of semi opaque film (reverse applied) to allow for subtle light filtering to add to the aesthetic of your whiteboard.  The “Frosted” Wall Scrawl is unobtrusive in your home, office or commercial space.   All the function of a whiteboard with no ghosting, easy to wipe clean and durable surface.